TATAA Biocenter AB is leading European provider of genetic analyses service certified by several provider including Olink® for protein biomarker panels. TATAA is center of excellence in molecular analyses since 2001 and have been awarded best nucleic acid analysis services provider Europe 2019 by Global Health and Pharma and best in class 2013 by Frost & Sullivan. TATAA’s experience in analysis and development of methods for protein analyses within European frameworks include FP7 project HOMAGE (Olink® Biomarker panel analysis for prediction of heart failure) and FP7 project LABONFOIL (miniaturization of protein detection by immuno-qPCR).

Founded in 2001, TATAA Biocenter has among the best equipped laboratories for qPCR based analysis in the world, and provides contract research for a full range of nucleic acid analysis services, including massive parallel sequencing, primer and probe design, validation, quality control, profiling and data analysis, and kit and instrument evaluation to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. TATAA offers a seamless workflow, with all the instrumentation necessary for performing high quality experiments and for optimal sample handling, meeting the specific requirements for compliance with ISO17025 standard. TATAA is serving majority of world´s largest Pharmaceutical companies, hundreds of innovative small enterprises and academic and government institutions. 

TATAA´s researchers have published more than 100 peer reviewed papers including the MIQE guidelines cited close to 10000 times (Clinical Chemistry 55, 4, 2009) and produced 10 patents protecting technologies behind products currently on the market. TATAA Biocenter contributed to the H2020 effort SPIDIA4P generating data for the forthcoming ISO guidelines for the preanalytical process in molecular diagnostics and to the IMI project CANCER-ID developing standard operating procedures for liquid biopsy analyses for the Pharmaceutical industries. TATAA´s own portfolio covers more than 25 in-house developed products currently sold globally by TATAA and its distributors or through global companies based on licensing and/or OEM agreements.

Most recently TATAA launched the GrandPerformance SARS-CoV-2 Detection kit (CE-IVD) TATAA has extensive experience developing diagnostic and prognostic panels for the commercial markets that are offered through TATAA and TATAAs global distribution network which in some cases has been licensed or produced as OEM components to global companies such as Roche, Qiagen and ThermoFisher. TATAA is therefore most suited to bring a biomarker panel that the project may generate and patent to the market, in this particular case in partnership with preferably Olink Proteomics.

TATAA Biocenter will together with Olink Proteomics support the aim of the project by supplying accurate, detailed and reproduceable proteomics data (in this case Olink Proteomics high-multiplex and high-throughput panels) for selection of informative protein biomarkers. TATAA will contribute to generate proteome data on biosamples using protein extension array technology on the BioMark platform (Fluidigm Inc). Each protein is addressed by a matched pair of antibodies, coupled to unique, partially complementary oligonucleotides and measured by quantitative realtime PCR. This dual recognition, DNA-coupled method performed with only 1 µl of plasma provides exceptional specificity and sensitivity, beyond what can be achieved with mass spectroscopy.