14 June 2023: OPTOMICS team has a Comment article in Nature Communications!

Researchers at the Institute of Translational Genomics at partner Helmholtz Munich have released a comment in the journal Nature Communications. The article, titled “Unravelling the genetic architecture of human complex traits through whole genome sequencing” discusses the role of whole genome sequencing (WGS) in understanding the genetics underlying complex traits. Furthermore, the comment makes clear that combining WGS with functional information at multiple levels (e.g. omics data) is greatly beneficial in the interpretation of associated signals.  

This commentary underpins the work that will be performed during the development of the OPTOMICS Digital Twin for type-2 diabetes, where we will combine metabolomic, proteomic and genomic data with novel optoacoustic imaging phenotypes. The authors conclude a comment that encapsulates the aim of the OPTOMICS project, which is the anticipation that in the future WGS combined with other data sets can be used to make clinical decisions and interventions that will accelerate personalized healthcare in the field of complex diseases (e.g. type-2 diabetes).